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Ojai, California | 12th Public Talk 1st July, 1934

Action loses its significance, its value, because you are concerned with the attainment of an objective, not with the fulfillment of intelligence which is action; you are concerned with the arrival, not with that which is fulfillment itself. Living becomes merely the means to an end, and life a school in which you learn to attain an end. Action therefore becomes but a medium through which you can come to that objective which you have established through your various environments and conditions. So life becomes a school of great conflict and struggle, never a thing of fulfillment, of richness, of completeness.

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When there is the flow of action which is intelligence, then life is a continual becoming without the conflict of choice.
Action is that unimpeded movement of intelligence, unhindered by fear, by compulsion, by the conflict of self-protective choice.
I am not promising you a future paradise on earth, but I am telling you that you can make of this world a paradise by your own intelligent awakening and action, by your own questioning of those things about you that are false.