Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Questioner: Who is the savior of souls?

Krishnamurti: If one thinks about it for a moment, one sees that that phrase, 'the savior of souls,' has no meaning. What is it that we mean when we say a soul? An individual entity? Please correct me if I am wrong. What do we mean when we talk about a soul? We mean a limited consciousness. To me, there is only that eternal life - contrasted with that limited consciousness which we call the 'I'. When that 'I' exists, there is duality: the soul and the savior of souls, the lower and the higher. You can understand that complete unity of life only with the cessation of self-consciousness or 'I'-ness, which creates the duality. To me, immortality, that eternal becoming, has nothing in common with individuality. If man can free himself of his many limitations, then that freedom is eternal life, then mind and heart know eternity; but man cannot discover eternity so long as there is limitation.

So the question, 'Who is the savior of souls?' ceases to have any meaning. It arises because we are looking at life from the point of view of self-limited consciousness which we call the 'I'. Therefore we say, 'Who will save me? Who will save my soul?' No one can save you. You have held that belief for centuries, and yet you are suffering; there is still utter chaos in the world. You yourself must understand; nothing can give you wisdom except your own action in the present, which must create harmony out of conflict. Only from that can wisdom arise.

Frognerseteren, Norway
1st Public Talk, 6th September, 1933