Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

A mind that would understand time and continuity must be indifferent to time and not seek to fill that space which you call time with amusement, with worship, with noise, with reading, with going to the film, by every means that you are doing now. And by filling it with thought, with action, with amusement, with excitement, with drink, with woman, with man, with God, with your knowledge, you have given it continuity - and so you will never know what it is to die.

You see, death is destruction, it is final; you can't argue with it, you can't say, 'Nay, wait a few days more.' You can't discuss, you can't plead; it is final, it is absolute. We never face anything final, absolute; we always go around it, and that is why we dread death. We can invent ideas, hopes, fears and have beliefs, like ''We are going to be resurrected, be born again'' - those are all the cunning ways of the mind, hoping for a continuity, which is of time, which is not a fact, which is merely of thought. You know, when I talk about death, I am not talking about your death or my death - I am talking about death, that extraordinary phenomenon.

Bombay, India
Sixth Public Talk, March 7, 1962