Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

If one would find what it is to be religiously free, I think the whole problem of will, desire, with its intentions, its pursuits, its purposes, its innumerable projections - in all of which the mind is caught - must be understood. So it seems to me that our problems, whatever they are, can be dissolved totally only by burning away the process of will - which may sound completely foreign to a Western mind, and even to the Eastern mind. Because, after all, the so-called religion that we generally accept is essentially based on the process of becoming, is it not? - of ultimately reaching a certain state which is either projected or invented. We may experience a new state at rare moments, but then we pursue those rare moments - which also implies, does it not, the cultivation of the will to be, to become something, in which is the process of time. If the mind would seek something which is beyond time, beyond the limitations of our own experience, which is essentially based on the conditioning of action, thought, feeling - if we would find something beyond all that, surely our mind, which is made up of so many pursuits and desires, must come to an end. Which means really, does it not, the understanding of the whole process of the mind as being conditioned. After all, a mind that is conditioned, shaped, molded in the particular culture of any form of society, obviously cannot find that which is beyond all thinking. And the discovery of finding that which is beyond is the revolution, the true religion

London, England
First Public Talk, June 17, 1955