Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Question: You tell us something. We are experiencing it in the light of our memories and then we accept it. Is it not thinking?

Krishnamurti: Does thinking lead you to discovery? The state of creative being does not come through technique. Thought-process does not produce transformation. You can jump into discovery.

Question: Is not thought-process a hindrance to transformation?

Krishnamurti: Certainly. If thought-process is not the catalyst what else is it? I can say this only when I know this for myself.

Question: Learning and studying, is it thinking process or something different?

Krishnamurti: Is there any thinking process in looking at facts? Thinking is in relating, modifying memory. Is learning necessary for this silence? Obviously not. When one is really seeking, there is no thought-process. For instance, we have not thought, but we have only communicated. Thought did not discover. The thought ceased and we discovered. The mind is the most extraordinary instrument we have; for instance, it deals with supersonic waves, curvature-space, etc., but, we do not know how to use this wonderful instrument.

If you look at a problem properly, you can discover the new always. To discover the new, thought-process is not necessary at all; on the other hand, thought-process is a positive hindrance to discovery.

Group Discussion 16th April, 1948
Chennai, India