Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Question: Everyone coming here wants transformation. I, for one, have no fear. Yet, there is no transformation. Why is this?

Question: Is it laziness? Is there a real desire for transformation?

Krishnamurti: Do you not know the gravity of the present structure of society, its disintegration, its ruthlessness, etc.?

Question: Yes, that is why we want to do something in the service of others.

Krishnamurti: Service of others is really a foolish idea. What prevents transformation?

Love is the only thing that transforms. You can have actual experience of this. Have you not fallen in love with some one? Have you not been spontaneously affectionate with another?

Question: We have been affectionate to others in our house; yet, there has been no transformation?

Krishnamurti: You do not see the cobra, you do not see that you are on the edge of a precipice. Is that the trouble? Why do you not see it? Are not all writers, historians, etc., shouting that the end of the world is near? Yet, are you not enclosing yourselves in ideas like 'reincarnation', 'the Masters are looking after us', etc., and therefore are you not blind to the world and to your relationship with others? You, therefore, say "these are inevitable but everything will be alright soon or sometime later on".

Group Discussion 11th April, 1948
Mumbai, India