Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Questioner: Must we always face the unknown?

Krishnamurti: The eternal is ever the unknown for a mind that accumulates; what is accumulated is memory, and memory is ever the past, the time-binder. That which is the result of time cannot experience the timeless, the unknown.

We shall always be faced with the unknown until we understand the knowable, which is ourselves. This understanding cannot be given to you by the specialist, the psychologist, or the priest; you must seek it for yourself, in yourself, through self-awareness. Memory, the past, is shaping the present according to the pattern of pleasure and pain. Memory becomes the guide, the path towards safety, security; it is this identifying memory that gives continuity to the self.

The search for self-knowledge demands constant alertness, an awareness without choice, which is difficult and arduous.

Ojai, California
Third Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946