Quote of the Day

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Without the experience of the real there can never be freedom from conflict and sorrow; the real alone can transform our life, not mere resolution. All activity of the self with its resolutions and negations must cease for the real to be. To understand the activities of the self, there must be earnest endeavor, sustained alertness, and interest. Many of us hold to our beliefs or to our experiences, and this only breeds obstinacy.

Earnestness is not dependent on moods, on circumstances, nor on stimulation. Some who are attempting to live an earnest life are strenuous along some particular groove of thought, belief, or discipline, and thus become intolerant and rigid. Such strenuous effort prevents deep understanding and closes the door upon reality. If you will consider this closely, you will see that what is necessary is natural, effortless discernment, the freedom to discover and understand. These ideas, if allowed, will take root and bring about a radical transformation of our daily life. The unforced receptivity is much more significant than the effort made to understand.

Ojai, California
Third Talk in The Oak Grove, 1946