Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening
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Ommen Campfire Talks 2

Krishnamurti Early Writings | Ommen, Holland 1926

Every one of us has seen the beauty of the sunset, of a tree, of the fast-flying bird in a still sky. There is the reality, if you would see the Happiness through the unreal, if you would see the Truth which is transcendent. But you must have eyes, eyes that have long been accustomed to visions of beauty, that are capable of long search, capable of retaining what they have seen, whatever be the troubles, whatever be the sorrows, whatever be the pain.

When once you have entered into that Holy of Holies which is Truth, then you need not lose it again, because you are part of Eternity. Then no glory of earth, then no personal friends, passing love, nor any of those things matter; for you belong to that Eternity, for you have drunk at that Pool of Heaven which is wisdom.

When once you have entered it, you can always go forth and see the fleeting things of the world. Then only can you give Happiness and sympathy. Then only can you give those realities which are lasting.

You must of your own accord enter that Kingdom, that garden, that abode of Truth which is Happiness. Of your own strength, of your own desire, of your own greatness, must you create this greatness which is ever-lasting. Of your own perfection, of your own genius, must you create this immortality. For what I create, or anyone else creates, can only be the passing; but what you yourself create through your own experience, is lasting, is permanent.

When you enter that Kingdom, then you begin to understand that the self, the giver of sorrow and pain and all the fierce physical pleasures, has no control over you, has no sway over you - that its dominion and its power have weakened.

As you grow into that perfection, and enter into that Holy of Holies where abides Truth, more and more you cease to exist as a separate being. THis is the only Truth, this is the only spirituality, this is the only Happiness that any human being can find.