Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening
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Ommen Campfire Talks 1

Krishnamurti Early Writings | Ommen, Holland 1926

As the tremendous roar of a great river is enticing, beautiful and magnificent, so is the Voice of him who is struggling towards that sea of Infinity, of Nirvana, of Moksha, of Heaven, where there is no separate self. Though you may have many experiences in going towards the sea, for you must have experiences, you like the river, should have but one thought, one purpose, one determination - to reach that vast ocean.

So each one of us must seek, so each one of us must dance through life, must have tremendous ecstasies, great sorrows and pains and great pleasures; and the greater and stronger they are, the more quickly shall we arrive at that stage of Nirvana, that absolute oneness of Life.

When once you have drunk at the fountain of all knowledge, of all wisdom, which is Happiness, nothing else in the world will ever satisfy you. Every one who is struggling, who is living, who is dancing through life, has that Happiness in store for him. But every one who seeks that Happiness must obey that Voice whose dominion, whose power, whose authority he alone can recognise.

For many years I have searched for that Happiness, I have wandered through many climes, I have read many books, I have perhaps suffered a little; but I have always desired that Vision, that Happiness, which no pleasures of this earth can give. And for some months past I have found it; for some months past I have lived in that Kingdom and that Kingdom has become real.

For this reason, I would have you breathe that scented air, that air of divinity, that scent of perfection. I would urge you to come with me, and would make you enjoy and sport yourselves in the shadow of that garden, and then it will not matter what you are, whether you are a Sannyasi - the man who has given up the world - or whether you are have great possessions and live in a palace. You are then detached from everything, but you are at the same time interested in all things.

For this reason, it is important, essential that you should understand with your mind. It is so easy to weep, so easy to cry, so easy to be emotional over such things, but if you once understand with your mind, it gives you the strength to guide yourself. You are the Absolute, you are the Path, you are in every tree in that garden, in every plant, in every creature.

If you would understand, you must obey only that Voice within each of you. If you would see that Vision, you must obey that Voice, absolutely and completely. But you must take care that that Voice is the Real Voice, that has become purified and ennobled through great experiences, great sorrows, great pains, and great pleasures. That Voice will have such power, such dominion, such authority over you, that you can but obey its commands. And then you will enter that garden, enter that Kingdom of Happiness; and when once you have tasted its delights, when once you have seen the Vision within, you need not be held down by anything on earth, you are at the source of eternal Happiness.

I would make you all come to know my Happiness, take you all with me to that garden, show you that vision, make you see the glory and the perfection of it, and when once you have walked in that garden, you will have the power, the authority to bring others to it.

You will then not only receive, but have the power to give.