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Topic: Can we consider Krishnamurti as continuity of Budha Wed, 11 Nov 2009

Teachings of any enlightened teacher coming from the source will be original. It may not be anything new but it will be original and expressed in its own unique way. Buddha and Krishanmurti had both touched the source and the teachings emerged from that according to the needs of the age.

I find that there is a common thread to all the teachings of all enlightened teachers, in that they all emphasise the need for the ending of the ego or the false self and abidance in the true self or choiceless awareness. How to bring this about or how it is brought about is the aim of all the teachers. The teachings and methods vary according to the time, type of people around, the geography and innumerable other factors.

Any identification with a particular teaching or text is a hindrance to the understanding of what is. Only an unconditioned mind can see truth.

Topic: Under total awareness, fear changed into bravery&courage Thu, 05 Nov 2009

I agree that the girl acted with remarkable courage and the situation brought out that extraordinary courage. Was she in a state of total awareness during the act? Was the whole responding through her in that situation? I wonder if the act has brought about any permanent transformation in her. In today's newspaper, i read that she wants a regular job in the CRPF( govt security forces) .

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