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Fri, 08 Jun 2018 #241
Thumb_screen_shot_2017-04-11_at_14 Paul David son Brazil 178 posts in this forum Offline

Dan McDermott wrote:
not that 'we' have 'created' an "imaginary center"...but that we ARE the imaginary center.

I am using the word "we" in that context to stand for 'the mind.' The mind has created a center that it imagines is the creative force behind mind. The center is real but it is not the creative force (the thinker) that the mind considers it to be. So what is this center that is not itself imaginary but which has been given an imaginary quality of omnipotence?

It is simply a complex program, like a computer program, but which has a profile (a self image) which it is programmed to defend as if life and death depends on it. This center has been programmed to mirror the whole in its own image. It also has a role in being the progenitor of actions that arise in its own defense, which also gives it the superficial appearance of being an independent actor, an 'entity.'

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2 days ago #242
Thumb_open-uri20171115-31086-13da1wu-0 Dan McDermott United States 33 posts in this forum Offline

Paul David son wrote:
What are you calling 'the thinker?'

The 'thinker' is me. I am the thinker. I/thinker am the one who gets 'hurt'. 'Thought' doesn't get hurt, I do. That's obvious. But the thinker/me is not separate from thought. The thinker/me and thought are the same...that's not so obvious, is it?

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Displaying posts 241 - 242 of 242 in total
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