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Topic: Holistic Education Mon, 11 Jun 2018

Dan McDermott wrote: If the sensing is 'holistic' (no observer separate from the observed), no image is formed? And therefore no 'desire', judgement, recording, related to the image arises?

Right, nothing is retained in memory when sensing is holistic. No memory, image...thus no desire. Desire is dependent upon memory. This is how I understand it from moments of such sensing.

Topic: Holistic Education Sun, 10 Jun 2018

K: There is only ( the 'fact' of ) this chain. That is all. The moment you ask the ( how-to-do-it ?) question, you are (going off the tangent in) trying to find an answer, you are not looking (anymore ) at the chain. But if you 'are' that, you can't ask any ( knowledge oriented?) question. What happens when you do that (mindfully remain with the fact?) ? When you do that, there is no movement. The ('me'-knowing ?) movement has created this, and when there is no movement, that ( inner process of 'thought-time' ) ends. There is then, a totally different dimension (of holistic consciousness?) . So, I have to begin (and end?) by not asking questions.

T: Good discussion John. So there is total inaction in regards to the chain. Thanks so much for sharing this one. ANY movement I make is of the chain.

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