Can you show me this, Dan? Can you show me that, in essence, awareness is what we are?

I am willing to consider that I have had the wrong perception of awareness most of life. But can you show me this? I include Mina in this, she has stated a similar thing.

Mina: Exactly because awareness is what we ARE, I could only 'show you that you are awareness' by being it myself. There is no other way.

('myself' above does not mean an image of myself)

So, the only way 'i can show you the truth of it' is by you discovering it in yourself.

This again does not mean any separation between us.

It is only pointing to the fact that awareness cannot be shown to you because it is not separate from you, so not something that could be given or shown to you from that separation.

It is what you are.

(There has to be alertness not to get attached to the WORD 'awareness'..the essence to which these words are pointing towards, is not ANY WORD)


As much as there is resonance in you to the wholeness that you fundamentally are, that much another who lives the actuality of it can 'show it to you'.


filled with love for you

This post was last updated by Mina Martini Wed, 12 Feb 2020.

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