There was a short exchange with a friend concerning Christian beliefs.

In this forum we could talk about Krishnamurtian beliefs which would be no different in essence.

It seems to me that the same message of all great spiritual teachers that have passed from Earth (or are there in body in this age), if not directly understood without any thought/division interfering, the message is turned into interpretations in/of the limited minds.

This is how Christians, Krishnamurtians, Buddhists and so forth are born.

So, essential to being a 'Krishnamurtian' for example, (if such identification is going on in anyone), is division from the teaching or the teacher. That division is created by thinker/thought division. It can manifest in different subtle ways. This division is not in the teaching itself but in the receiving of it by the limited mind.

Also, a belief, even subtle, in authority lies in this gap between observer and observed. There can be no experience of being an authority or having an authority, of superior or inferior, without this division.

It is like an attempt to put that which is immeasurable to the limited container of divided consciousness. That is not ever possible. All you end up with in such a case is interpretation, reflections, never the what actually is.

As is lived here, one can only understand the teaching by being them oneself. Only then is there no division and no experience of 'someone who is living the teaching', no ego or distance involved.

So the essence of Krishnamurti is the essence of oneself. (me, you, anyone, no difference). No more, no less, no measure.

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