is it possible to capture the entire oeuvre of Krishnamurti in a 99-page book ??

The 5 chapters undeniably represent K.'s words and appear to be a compilation of what he has said on various topics over the years.

But while reading, I get a profound feeling that with these edited fragments the real essence has been lost and even turned into cold and dry knowledge.

knowing that the history and the person is not applicable, it is also strange that this information is lacking, as well as no account being taken of who did this, or can I even imagine it might be compiled with a computer program.

Copy right 2017 is mentioned but it does not state where and none of the official bodies in America, England or India is mentioned.

What am I talking about ?? "The essential Krishnamurti"
a booklet that has been given to me one of these days; isbn number: 978-1-63535-946-6

Does anyone of you know this and do you have the same feeling?
Not that that will change my feeling, but purely out of curiosity.

Truth will unfold itself for those who enquire their own actions and only to them and for them and to or for no one else.

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