When a word is explained or defined with other words, as in a dictionary, this is exactly the same phenomenon as thought explaining thought, moving within its own limits. All this is of course as incomplete and limited and dualistic as thought/language itself.

This is why a word can only be truly understood when NO MEANING that is derived from the same level of language, is being given to it. That means that the mind is quiet, does not react from its own content, but stays still. This is when a word is being negated, and a completely different meaning is being exposed. That 'meaning' is always the same, because the word/thought that is being undone, leaves only emptiness and space behind. So, all words really point to the same emptiness, to their own non-existence which is their source, and true essence.

You are that essence, and the word is the image of yourself.

This post was last updated by Mina Martini Tue, 10 Oct 2017.

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