To live is to die. We maybe have read Krishnamurti, probably , since we are here, in this forum. If we have read him right, with all our mind and heart, then, part of the job is done. Because he spoke the truth. If there has been a real understanding of what he've said, then this understanding is working, with no interference from the past, from what he've ever said. Because learning is from the timeless present.

One have to die to what K. have said . To this forum. To all what we've learn .To all what anyone have said. To all memories. If one doesn't start from nothing, from the present moment, from what is happening in our mind and heart right now, in a state of perception, of awareness, then our mind is not alive, it is but the past, the old. Regurgitating words and memories. Are we connected to the present ?

So to live, to observe and to understand, in the present moment, and go beyond what is, we have to die to the known. And what will happen then is undescribable. Without any references to K. or to whatever Georges or Paul have said. One can't speculate or imagine what it is. We have to do it.

To die seems to be the hardest thing to do. Can one die to the known ? Can you forget about K.? And live?

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