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An interesting little brain teaser about thinking, discussing and experiencing

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Thu, 11 Oct 2018 #1
Thumb_nolet Rich Nolet Canada 328 posts in this forum Offline

Group Discussion 16th April, 1948 | Chennai, India

Question: Is not having a problem a process of thinking?

Krishnamurti: Silence is when the thinker, the creator of the problem, ceases to think. We do not see things as they are, if we think in the field of the known. I discover and therefore experience. Where thought-process exists, there, there cannot be experiencing, discovery. Discovery takes place only when the thought-process ceases. When I see the necessity of silence, I do not need to cultivate silence. The moment we see that silence is essential, we are silent.

Question: The intention to find the truth and the discovery of the truth can come only when there is silence. Do these not form a process?

Krishnamurti: Intention is to discover. There is only a verbal process. I see the importance of silence. Is it a verbal process or an inward process?

Question: Is not the thinking process a verbal process?

Krishnamurti: Please investigate your own minds. What were you doing? Were you looking, investigating etc., or were you merely waiting? You did not start with a conclusion, nor were you seeking any conclusion.

Question: Is not a discussion necessary for silence?

Krishnamurti: I put a question to you. Are you thinking it out?

Question: Discussion is a movement of the mind, positive or negative.

Krishnamurti: Whether positive or negative, mind is thinking. Are we merely rationalizing? Seeing things directly, is it not different from thought-process. You saw the importance of silence and then you talk or verbalize about it. Through verbalizing you do not see. Thought-process begins only in communications with another, or in recording, or in experiencing. Thought-process is not necessary for experiencing. Experiencing is not a state of thinking.

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Thu, 11 Oct 2018 #2
Thumb_screenshot_20180710-010635 One Self United States 1128 posts in this forum Offline

K School (Students) Discussion 2 Rishi Valley, India - 11 December 1985
Have you ever sat quietly, not moving a muscle, not moving your eyes, have you done it? Would you like to do it? Sit absolutely quiet. Will you do it?

S: Sir, but what's the use of that?

K: Just to control your body, see if you can control your body. There is no use in anything; if you say, 'Why should I eat, what's the use of it?' You die. Right? So, will you try and sit very, very quietly. Not blink, not move your eyes. Try it old boy, try it for fun, you know, sit quietly, go on. Sit quietly.

S: Life is fun sir?

K: Move over your leg - put the other leg over there old boy.

S: Sir, is life fun, sir?

K: It all depends.

S: If we get dirty water it's no fun. If we get clean water, it's fun.

K: Clean water is, if you like to call it fun, but it is mixed all with dirty water. Right? So let's see if you will sit quietly for a minute.

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