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How many people understand Krishnamurti?

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Fri, 31 Aug 2018 #241
Thumb_screenshot_20180710-010635 One Self United States 1637 posts in this forum Offline

1-courtesy. Be friendly and considerate when talking to your fellow posters. Anyone who engages in aggression will be suspended. Examples of aggressive behavior include name-calling, riling, ribbing, taunting, hounding, mobbing, etc

Haranguing. Although intelligent debate is encouraged, should the exchange take a turn where any participant becomes overly forceful with their opinion or if it is evident that the discussion is at loggerheads, interaction on that subject should cease between the individuals involved.

Substance. The main purpose of this forum is to for you to discuss the proposals Krishnamurti raised in his talks and writings. Please bear that in mind.

Respect. Systematic disparagement of Krishnamurti's message will not be tolerated. If you have issues with any of the core ideas of the teachings, raise those in a civil and reasoned manner. If your objections reach the point where you feel that the teachings are fundamentally flawed in some manner, cease posting on the forum.

Balance. In the interest of not having the forum dominated by particular points of view, be conscious of the number and size of posts you make in forum in any given day or week.

Any one violating these guidelines will have their posting privilege suspended. Notification of the suspension will be made on the forum.

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Sat, 13 Oct 2018 #242
Thumb_img_0244 Jack Pine United States 5797 posts in this forum Offline

Jayaraj Kapila Kulasinghe wrote:
Goodman B, Sir I am afraid I find Jack's answer absolutely correct.

We take part in the forum to mutually explore isn't It? For each to learn.For me to learn as well as for others to learn together.

So if you want to learn here's something if you are willing to look at it-

You are not mutually exploring. You are passing judgement time & again.Whole time you seem to want to preach.

This forum loses its purpose of learning if I don't say this. Inquire together.Find things out. If you don't know say to yourself that you don't know.That is an essential requisite to learn.

If you want to learn my following comment will be helpful to you. Otherwise it will make you very angry.

Myself Only wrote:
Jay , i feel sorry for you .There you are exposing yourself . The self has to expose itself specially in arguments . I feel very sorry for you and selfish people who think that they are important in this virtual discussions . Your thinking is conditioned by your selfishness and no one can help you. (There is no anger in my response to your selfish comment. ) . You can't confuse those who are not confused to get angry or what so ever. I just feel sorry for you.

Goodman B or Myself Only or whatever name you are calling yourself now learn from the above. You are accusing me of abusing people and posting examples, some actual some not, yet you do the same thing. This is just one of many examples I could post. So I ask you let's stop this nonsense and stop your preaching please. Let's use this forum for what it is made to be used for.

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Sat, 13 Oct 2018 #243
Thumb_screenshot_20180710-010635 One Self United States 1637 posts in this forum Offline

Jack you are wrong as usual. I have no interest to respond to your negative and argumentive writings which come from your deeply hurt soul. You are here to oppose and argue.

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Displaying posts 241 - 243 of 243 in total
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