ArchAngel Lucifer proudly re-affirms that he alone is and has always been the creator, owner and God of humanity. Having commited every possible evil action, Lucifer has given up on evil choosing only to do good and hopes that his offspring (humanity) who were granted the attribute of free will might follow suit.

This theme was long ago removed from mainstream religion. The earliest chruch founders could not deal with the fact of a fallen creator, nor could they expect others to follow along with such rethoric and doctrine.

In fact, this became the only logical possibility in making sense of the two most famous words of all time?

?Know Thyself?.

My understanding of the world?s people became greatly expanded and to my surprise this was only the tip of the iceberg!

Perhaps you have never heard of this doctrine from a fallen creator but for me, it opened many doors, cleared many stumbling blocks, old baggage and tabou from my life.

It wasn?t until after my university studies that I begin to see that something is not right with the often times brutal and violent nature of man who has the power in his own hands to do good or to do evil.

I would like to know what you think of this theory because clearly we are dealing with something which is embedded into our emotional life. It is important to at least try and present something in exchange once the vacum of truth is opened.

Nevertheless, this fallen god doctrine is not the one which has functioned up until today. What has functioned are untruths, deceptions, out right lies and manipulation of the world?s people.

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There is nothing so powerful as the truth, and nothing so strange. ? Daniel Webster (1782-1852)