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Sat, 04 Jul 2009 #121
Thumb_avatar averil harrison New Zealand 41 posts in this forum Offline

Have just read what you say about the mind and brain Jack and I have a question as to whether this definition of the mind is the current scientific one; which if it is I do not think address's Krishnamurti's insight.

I see Krishnamurti's insight pointing to there being 'no mind' as Bohm said in a dialogue with him, as long as the past i.e. knowledge is working. Krishnamurti is negating knowledge in all his inquiries.

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Sun, 05 Jul 2009 #122
Thumb_brain1_f phil K United States 351 posts in this forum Offline

[I am posting this here and on the subtopic "image process"]

I just finished video 4 of the 6 series and hope some will want to watch. This has some of the right brain theories in it as it has Gazzaniga at 37:20 who has been one of the main left/right brain researchers. This tackles the importance of language development to man and is loaded with things to think about.

I hope this gives some food for left brain thought!....One thing I have always wondered is how K has attacked "thought" so much and lauded right brain states so much. If one really looks at this video, you might really have some questions about this. Don't forget I am still proposing my theory that it is the right brain that causes the image process. Notice that Gazzaniga calls the right brain "rather stupid."

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Sun, 05 Jul 2009 #123
Thumb_brain1_f phil K United States 351 posts in this forum Offline

I decided to go ahead and post this video, too, for those who want to look a little more at the brain functions and consciousness.

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Wed, 09 Sep 2009 #124
Thumb_deleted_user_med daniel moru Ireland 5 posts in this forum ACCOUNT DELETED

hello there!
well, I'd like to tell you 2 "things" , I experienced without seeking ,just got lucky..
its related to the otherness K talks about..and the brain ..times are mad ,so why bother not talking about?
I was 16 , nothing special ,sex was my main concern, and a kind of "spirituality " too..not god or topics like that.
One night an energy spine up from the very bottom of my spine, fix itself into the brain, then started and the "bliss" was there, well beyond my words so..extreme ,
ah words..I heard a voice in an unknown language I could understand,( use some headphones in mono ,same effect) no universal message ,just a "how are you keeping? " For some reasons I knew how to answer my ....voice, just by using this energy pulling it down and up again, so communication was possible..the beauty there was...amazingly..beyond words..then it stopped, I went to sleep without any desire for more or again, as if nothing happened.
another day , gloomy day , was with a friend, then this "energy"was there again! , not with the spine thing this time..It last for half a day and I still can't describe a state of mind beyond words, but here is why I wanted to relate those experiences...
-at first this second experience stopped when thought was back with : "hope it is going to last forever"when thought is at work ,bliss is not there..
-my friend and kids could "feel" this energy ,it was not mine.
- that was the most extraordinary experience in my life and when it was over i was not at all disappointed
-the sensation to be connected with "somewhere else"
-no question of the meaning of life would arise
-the ongoing sadness or struggle of life was totally wiped out
-the day after I was not a different human being ..
-the most important for me today is this, I had absolutely no opinion about what I was watching,everything was interesting big or small, ugly or not, because I was not comparing ,nor analyzing or rejecting and the ego was just silent, but it was day time and I still don't know why... was behaving as everyone, apart from the kids part..
well, then those experiences ,of course, left something in myself, knowing that "it happened"..knowing that the beyond ego/thought is..
now 54 years old, I am totally interested in the brain ,especially in this part ,the ego ,which I call analytical brain, using memory of experiences, analysis ,projection in the future, giving an opinion on everything as simple as yes or no..racism would start here for example if the answer is "no".. I see it now as a tool ,this ego/analytical brain is a mean,indispensable for the technical aspects of life ,a tool for survival working mechanically , with never ending movements towards and forward leaving in permanent fear and escaping it as much as he can.
Lost between fear ,desires, hopes ,illusions this ego is the problem ,mine at least!! so I see the fact that observing it, is good for me, a relief arises when the mind see more clearly.
now I merely quote k:
-questioner: is there something like an "enlightenment " and then , you are a different person forever?
-K: I would rather say that there is awareness which goes on all the time in the present ,rather than "enlightenment"and this is it..
Forgive me for being personal , but I can't say about the ego without mentioning
those experiences..
when totally fed up , it was necessary for my survival to start this inquiry within..
it may help ,the first "insight", I say it without being shy , the first one was the vision of a never ending projection of plans in the future, in order to secure something or a pleasure to reach.....
I never found something by using the analytical capacity we all have, anything else but analyzing...
this is it, we'll meet again on some different topics on kinfonet...
as I am french I say ..merci de m'avoir lu , a bientot sur ce site.

lost in tragedy...

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