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Event - Ojai Summer Teaching Academy


The 5th Annual Summer Teaching Academy sponsored by UCSB's Gevirtz Graduate School of Education and Oak Grove School will offer a two week intensive education program in Ojai, California. The program consists of two distinct yet complementary week-long sessions and participants may choose to join one or both sessions. The program will provide grounding for both new educators and renewal for veterans in the educational field.

Each session provides a course with opportunities for educators to review and reflect upon their teaching or administrative practices and to envision new and coherent alternatives. The Academy's pedagogy is aimed at developing an inquiry based, self-generative, constructivist ethos, in a contemplative setting of mutual respect, self understanding and shared learning.

Session 1: Re-envisioning Education

Sunday August 1st to Saturday August 7th

The intent of this session is for teachers to rigorously question assumptions about education and to start from scratch to practically design alternative learning environments.

Session 2: The Art, Science and Craft of Teaching and Learning

Sunday August 8th to Saturday August 14th

The intent of this session is for teachers to engage in self-reflective and shared inquiry involving the close observation of school and classroom activities and hands on experiences of teaching and learning.


Aug 01, 2010 - Aug 14, 2010

1098 McAndrew Road
Ojai, CA, 93023