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Event - Spring Mountain Retreat, Southern Spain



A learning exploration in self inquiry, dance & body work.

“In a totally harmonious human being there is harmony between mind, heart and body.” J.Krishnamurti

The heart’s capacity for lightness, affection, intelligence and love has been weighed down by stress, work, anxiety and issues of relationship. The heart’s energy and life force is bruised by hurt that has never healed. The modern world is full of problems and now Mother Earth is apparently no less wounded.

As we are cut off from Nature, so are we cut off from our own natures. How can we hope for healing when we have no deep connection with what needs to heal? What is it to be sensitive and self aware of our bodies, our minds, our relationships and the world around us?

Our workshop proposes that we give our hearts to the active exploration of this theme - bringing together self reflection, body work and relationship as one movement of investigation; an inquiry for fundamental change in ourselves.

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May 15, 2020 - May 21, 2020

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