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Event - 10/Day Himalayan Study Retreat, India



“Is it possible not to be hurt? Any person who is hurt builds a wall around themselves not to be hurt further. Any person who has built a wall around himself becomes violent as a reaction. It is very important not to be hurt because a person who is hurt cannot love.” J.Krishnamurti

Himalaya Residential Study Retreat Program

  • Exploration theme: Is it possible not to be hurt?

Join our 10/day mountain retreat in affection, leisure & natural beauty. Living together as a small group we shall be exploring this fundamental yet everyday problem of Hurt - not intellectually or merely verbally, but with great care & direct observation of ourselves as we actually are.

There will be time for walks, exercise, quiet sitting and individual study as well as a program of everyday dialogues and videos.

Venue: Krishnamurti Retreat Centre Uttarkashi

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Mar 19, 2020 - Mar 29, 2020

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Krishnamurti Retreat Centre Uttarkashi
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