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Event - What Is Love?



“Are you speculating, or are you actually experiencing as we are going along?” J.Krishnamurti

Love is everywhere in our lives, in our relationships, our communities and our entertainment industries. But is this actually love? If it is not love, what is it? Does that mean that we really do not know love? This retreat will attempt to explore this extraordinary theme that could be one of the greatest deficiencies in our lives. Our exploration intends to stay clear of speculation.


This In-Depth Study Intensive offers a complete break with everyday life and routine: a moment of retreat for self inquiry and potential life changing learning. Unstructured mornings providing time for silence, reflection, reading, watching K videos, spontaneous dialogue and simple enjoyment of the surrounding natural beauty. Contemplation and time alone to walk and/or sit quietly are greatly encouraged. Afternoon sessions providing a forum for dialogue and deep inquiry

Facilitator Jackie McInley founded and ran an independent Krishnamurti centre called Open Door in Southern France from 2004 until 2013 – hosting monthly inquiry weekends and annual international gatherings in French and English. She organized an experimental David Bohm bi-monthly dialogue meeting for 4 years in a local market town, and later a Krishnamurti dialogue group in the city of Toulouse.

A self-employed, foreign language and communication awareness coach by profession (schools, higher education and business), she now spends her time traveling to various Krishnamurti centers and schools around the world: facilitating dialogues and programs, sharing skills in the schools, and helping out in K related projects.


Jan 13, 2020 - Jan 17, 2020

Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Ojai, CA, 93023