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Event - Krishnamurti Education And Poetry With Karen Hesli



Anyone who loves poetry is welcome to participate in this weekend….it is not a professional development workshop for HS English teachers! The backdrop for our explorations will be the questions that Krishnamurti discusses with students, parents and teachers about education, centering on these themes: conditioning, fear, flowering in goodness, vocation, arts of listening, observing, asking, and the mirror of relationship. During the weekend we will immerse in good poems that have the potential to shed the skin of superficiality and invite insight. We will also look at the transformative power of metaphor juxtaposed to words that intellectually and habitually ensnare LIFE. As Alan Watts said, ‘a person can’t get wet with the word water.’ Reading or writing a poem can transcend language’s normal limitations and offer something translucent – like a gentle creek that turns to an overflowing, muddy torrent before one’s very eyes. Words (most) often separate and compartmentalize life… yet the words in a poem can inspire a kind of wondering, an awakening of the heart or widening of perspective. We will read, recite, write, listen and re-listen to poems. Participants are invited to bring one selection of Krishnamurti’s poetic prose to share as well as another favorite related to the themes mentioned above. Karen will share poems she has used as catalysts for discussions/activities with parents, teachers or students and will also bring poems written by teens with whom she has had the pleasure to work at Oak Grove School in Ojai, California during the past decade. Register here>

Facilitator Karen Hesli After working in the world of education for five decades (four at Oak Grove School), I realize one doesn’t really ‘retire’ but sifts and sorts through the curriculum of life and shares it in new forms. This is my first attempt to offer a weekend workshop on distilling a lifelong love of poetry and K’s educational themes. Other growing passions are grandparenting and gardening.


Sep 27, 2019 - Sep 29, 2019

Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Ojai, CA, 93023