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Event - Right Education In The 21st Century



Program Intent: We shall explore what human problems our present education system has been able to solve in the 20th century and what it has not been able to solve. What are the challenges facing modern society now and will more of the same kind of education be able to resolve them? If not, then what changes need to be made in our vision of education to meet these challenges adequately? What are the difficulties in creating such an education?

Facilitator: Professor Krishna was born in Chennai (south India) but grew up in Indore (central India) where his parents were educationists. He first met and heard Krishnamurti in 1957-58 and continued to listen to Krishnamurti during his visits to the education centre in Rajghat, Varanasi.

He was a Professor of Physics at the Banaras Hindu University when in 1985 Krishnamurti asked him to take charge of the Rajghat Education Centre as its Rector and Principal of the Rajghat Besant School. He worked in this capacity till 2003 and has since been in-charge of the Krishnamurti Study Centre at Rajghat. He has lectured all over the world on Krishnamurti’s teachings, science, society and education.

He is a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy and a Trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation of India. In 2015 he wrote a memoir entitled, “ A Jewel on a Silver Platter: Remembering J.Krishnamurti” published on


May 13, 2019 - May 17, 2019

Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Ojai, CA, 93023