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Event - Exploring Silence Retreat



When the mind projects an idea and clings to it, struggles towards it, surely that is not change, that is not transformation, that is not revolution, because it is still within the field of the mind, the field of time. To clear away all that, we must be conscious of what we are doing, we must be aware of it. (J.Krishnamurti).

Introduction: This retreat offers a space of silence, a calm environment, serenity and closeness to nature, where is possible to meet depth and beauty in perception of things and clarity in the vision of life; it offers a ground and not an aim to be reached. A pause from words, intellectual or mental exercises, reading and from all activities that take us away from the present moment. Certain periods of the day will be used for reflection and dialogue, sharing, our inquiries, experiences and questions. Much of the time will be dedicated to observation of nature around us and of the inner flow of thoughts, emotions and sensations. This becomes, during the retreat, our natural activity. A long retreat gives us the necessary time, space and leisure to reflect, to meditate and rest deeply with onesel, it provides the necessary space to remain with real questions of one’s life and therefore inquire more intimately. In few words, the proposal is to live mostly in silence, with periods where we are alone and others where we share sitting together in silence, eating, walking and short introductions, dialogues and reflections, avoiding mobile phones, computers and reading. During our dialogues we would be open to take up any existential question from any of the participants and work together as friends and co-travellers.

Logistics: The retreat will start with dinner on Saturday, August 25th; it will end with lunch on Thursday, September 6th. The total cost will be 780 Euros. Single rooms will be available depending on number of participants and personal needs. Meals are vegetarian only with prevalence of local and organic foods. It will be possible to join the retreat for a limited period of time but priority will be given to those who intend to participate for the entire period. Location: Casa Della Pace is located in northern Umbria, in central Italy, immersed in woods and hills, far from human settlements.

Facilitators: Mukesh Gupta and Santi Borgni are going to facilitate this retreat. Mukesh comes from Varanasi, India where he is the coordinator of the Krishnamurti Study and Retreat Center. He has been engaging with the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, Buddha and other teachers for more than two decades and conducting residential retreats, study programs and dialogues in India, Europe and Israel. Santi has been proposing dialogues and silent retreats for more than fifteen years in Casa della Pace, inspired by the work of J.Krishnamurti. Dialogues will be translated from English into Italian and vice versa.


Aug 25, 2018 - Sep 06, 2018

casa della Pace
Pietralunga, Perugia, 06026