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Event - An Ordinary Human Inquiry Into The Extraordinary


What makes our lives ordinary? What makes life extraordinary? Is the extraordinary far away, and nothing to do with our daily lives? Is the extraordinary found at the end of a long journey of spiritual enlightenment? Or, can we as ordinary people live now and everyday, in an extraordinary way?

We shall not in this seminar be seeking to study or practice any kind of old spiritual knowledge, or any kind of new, esoteric way of being. Nor shall we be merely following and applying Krishnamurti’s teaching to our inquiry. We shall in fact be actively exploring the simple reactions and attitudes of our everyday lives. Together can we carefully question, study and observe the actual process of a reaction, a thought, a pattern: a response that is ordinarily automatic and part of our unseen, everyday conditioning?

Fully engaging in a sensitive exploration of the actual, living process of our lives – going beyond blind mechanical responses into awareness of normally conditioned reactions – may reveal a living that is indeed, quite extraordinary.

“… you are not just listening to a lot of words or ideas, they have no meaning; you can read in a book a psychological explanation that will have no value; but if we investigate together, step by step, then you will see for yourself what an extraordinary thing comes out of it.”

J. Krishnamurti Talks and Dialogues Saanen 1968 6th Public Talk 18th July 1968


Jan 22, 2018 - Jan 26, 2018

1070 Mc Andrew RD
OJAI, CA, 93023