Krishnamurti & the Art of Awakening
Theme Weekends

Event - Yoga+Inquiry: Observation, Listening, And Perception



In this weekend retreat we will explore the work of Krishnamurti and do yoga in the beautiful hilltop KEC Pavilion. Our exploration of Krishnamurti's teachings will center on the themes of observation, listening and perception: What is observation? What does it mean to perceive? It seems that so often habit sets in and we see ourselves and others unconsciously, limited by our prejudices and conditioning. It seems that often we can be unwilling to let go of personal agenda to be truly open to listening to another. In looking at these questions together can we do it with that sense of listening, not only to each other, but also to what the group creates together.


Aug 18, 2017 - Aug 20, 2017

1070 Mc Andrew Road
Ojai, California, 93023