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Event - Reflections On The Self



Reflections on the Self What is the sense of “self, “ what are its various implications in our lives, and is “freedom from the self” a possibility?

The experience of oneself as being conscious in a first person perspective is ubiquitous. This sense of “self” plays a key role in how we experience and live our lives.

The goal of this conference is to critically inspect the various facets of this sense of self, its origins, and its operation, in order to unearth a more coherent view of ourselves, our relationships with others and with the world around us. We also will examine what the notion of “freedom from the self” might or might not mean, and its various implications.

The conference will bring together individuals across different disciplines who share an interest in studying these questions. The event will feature a series of formal presentations and discussion sessions, with ample opportunities for additional informal exchanges.


Apr 28, 2017 - Apr 30, 2017

1098 McAndrew Road
Ojai, California, 93023