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Hi i organize metting for 13 to 14 august


Descriptions of treatments for combating erectile problems have been documented in literature and folklore. As long ago as 2000 BC, Egyptian papyrus records contained specific recipes for curing impotence. In Africa, the mandrake root has been used extensively as a traditional cure for male erectile problems. Over the centuries, many other treatments have also been used to try and combat this condition. To improve the sex drive, Spanish fly, oysters, peanut butter and red wine have been tried. To strengthen and lengthen the penis, men have and continue to use extracts from ginseng, rhinoceros horn and tiger's penis. Some men have gone as far as inserting steel rods into the penis along the urethra. Still others have attached electrical wiring to their genitalia, trying to shock the penis back into action Throughout most of the 20th century, the focus has been on psychotherapeutic techniques. There are also some patients who have been trained to avoid cognitive distraction because it was found that visual stimulation was the cause of their problem. These men could continue to function well with just audio stimulation. That is to say, some men need to approach intercourse with minimal distraction. Not seeing their partner or keeping the lights off, can make a significant difference in their ability to achieve and maintain an erection. It has been known for quite some time that the male hormone testosterone is responsible for the normal development of male sexual characteristics. It was thought that this hormone could also be responsible for erectile strength. Testosterone was found to be produced in the testicles. The hormone was first isolated from bulls' testicles in 1935 by Ernest Laueur, a professor of pharmacology in Amsterdam. Four years later, in 1939, the Nobel Prize was awarded to Leopold Rirdia and Adolf Biterandt for developing a technique of converting normal cholesterol into a synthetic testosterone hormone. It was thought, during the years after its discovery, that a difficiency was responsible for the loss of potency. More recently, it has been proven that testosterone does not have a direct effect on erectile strength, however, it does appear to indirectly heighten the sex drive and boost energy. Since then, testosterone has been used by medical doctors in treating the symptoms of male sexual dysfunction. It improves the sex drive, but has been shown to have very little effect on erectile strength. The development of mechanical devices has also revolutionised the treatment of erectile dysfunction over the last 50 years. Sex aids such as the simple constriction ring (or 'cock ring' as it is more commonly known), vacuum devices, creams and oils have helped many men. The first highly successful form of pharmaceutical treatment was discovered by chance less than 20 years ago. It was a unexpected complication of a vascular operation performed by the vascular surgeon Dr. Ronald Virag, using a drug called papavarine. Papaverine was joined with another vasodilator called Phentolamine. These two drugs and others are used as vasodilators. Vasodilators help widen the blood vessels allowing more blood to reach the penis. The result is a stronger erection. In the late 1980s, Prostaglandin Ei was found to have the same effect. Combination therapy using a number of injectable drugs together was found to be the most effective. Over the last decade, tri-mixtures and quad-mixtures of these medications have revolutionised the approach to treatment and analysis of erectile dysfunction. Eventually, large pharmaceutical companies realised that finding new and more user-friendly methods of treating erectile dysfunction was an enormous business opportunity. It was apparent that a large number of people suffered from this condition. The transurethral medication, 'Muse', was released onto the market in the United States in 1997. A transurethral medication is one that is inserted by means of a spring loaded applicator into the urethra, the tube running along the inside of the penis through which urine passes. The medication is then absorbed through the lining of this tube into the surrounding penile tissue. At first, this drug seemed to be ideal for patients already receiving injection therapy but, unfortunately, its effectiveness has since been shown to be disappointing. A significant number of users experienced discomfort during application and it occasionally caused bleeding. However, it is still used for individuals who are not adverse to the application method. The quest continues for the ideal treatment for erectile dysfunction. An idealtreatment should be simple, non-invasive and relatively painless. It should also cause minimal side effects and have a high success rate. With the release of Viagra Online, it has been shown that there is a big pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.


Aug 14, 2017 - Aug 15, 2017

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Phoenix, az, 85012