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Event - What Is Love? Why Is That Perfume Missing In Our Life?


Usually love is understood in the context of attachment, jealousy, sentimentality, emotions. But is that love? Why there is no love in our relationships? What is that quality of love which is missing from our life? What are the obstructions to love and how they can be overcome? Does love necessarily involve sex? Why has sex become such an important issue in human life? Is love blind? Is love binding? What does freedom mean in the context of love? What is death and how is it related with love? Does intelligence necessarily imply love? Why do human beings suffer? Can there be an end to suffering? All this and more is the theme of this workshop which is being organised by Krishnamurti Education Trust - a newly formed trust dedicated to the work around K's Teachings.


Jan 09, 2012 - Jan 13, 2012

Swasthyaniketan, Sakalnagar, Baner Road
Pune, Maharashtra, 411007